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Colin's turn at 'new' Blyton

Event 8 at Blyton Park on 09/07/2017

The Sunday part of the Blyton Sprint week-end was held on the Eastern Circuit and proved to be a newcomer to very many of the competitors and a challenging one at that!

Combined with a host of additional competitors this rather put the organisers under a degree of pressure. The new course was putting competitors under pressure too with more DNFs being posted that is normally the case. Fastest in the timed runs was Colin Calder followed Heather, Terry Holmes and Chris Jones who was finding the tighter parts of the course suited the smaller car quite well.

Top 12 Run Off

How long ago is it since I have been able to say this in July? Colin Calder comes out on top for only the second time this season. Heather, rather niggled with herself about her performance, was about three quarters of a second adrift. Terry Holmes managed to complete the podium this time just heading John Graham by half a second. Just another three quarters of a second away was Steve Miles (who found 1.4s on his second run) and Chris Jones only a further three quarters of a second distant after a fail on his second run triggered by a missed shift. The Eastern Circuit was demonstrating that engine capacity was a lesser important commodity than is often customary. Simon Bainbridge was only another quarter of a second adrift.Only a tenth divided the two Grahams, Porrett & Blackwell, then came Simon Boulter and Grahame Harden, seven tenths dividing the pair and this time bringing up the rear, after his own car was troubled (and his spares delivery service not providing all the necessary bit of kit for his own car) was Nick Algar, courtesy of a very generous share drive offer from Pete Goulding and his other Mygale Ecoboost who hopefully will join the British Sprint Championship in 2018.



Blyton Park July 9


SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship Round 8

1. Colin Calder (3.5 Gould-NME GR55) 59.17
2. Heather Calder (3.5 Gould-NME GR55) 59.90
3. Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola Tegra Judd) 61.75
4. John Graham (3.5 Gould-NME GR55B) 62.28
5. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen SBD RF96) 63.00
6. Chris Jones (1.0 Force TA) 63.71
7. Simon Bainbridge (4.2t SBR Crono V8) 63.96
8. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola Tegra Judd) 65.82
9. Graham Blackwell (1.6t Mygale Ecoboost) 65.92
10. Simon Boulter (1.0 OMS 2000M) 66.75
11. Grahame Harden (1.0 Jedi Mk 6) 67.42
12. Nick Algar (1.6t Mygale Ecoboost) 67.98

SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship Points after Round 6:

1. Heather Calder 73pts
2.= Steve Miles 69pts
Colin Calder 69pts
4. Terry Holmes 66pts
5. John Graham 59pts
6. Matt Hillam 51pts
7. Nick Algar 35pts
8. Graham Porrett 34pts
9. Simon Bainbridge 32pts
10. Steve Broughton 29pts
11. Tony Jarvis 27pts
12. Simon Boulter 21pts

Colin Calder took the first win on Blyton's Eastern track (D Partridge)

Terry Holmes blasts off the line (D Partridge)

Simon Boulter maintained his place in the Championship top 12 (D Partridge)

Heather takes BSC lead at Blyton

Event 7 at Blyton Park on 08/07/2017

A gloriously sunny weekend greeted the large number of competitors arranged for the weekend at Blyton Park, starting on Saturday with its familiar Outer Circuit configuration.

Judging by the times set earlier in the day, even approaching the circuit’s existing record on Saturday was appearing to be difficult. John Graham, Colin Calder and Heather Calder topped the qualifiers with all three Gould GR55s stuck in the 56s bracket. The cars were fine but the times just weren’t there.

Top 12 Run Off

However, finally during the Top 12 Run Off, when British Sprint Championship points are determined, competitors really turned it on and in many instances on their second runs. Heather Calder, because of where she qualified was never going to set a time in reaction to that set by the opposition. Was that a hindrance? Not at all, she really turned it on with a new record (three quarters of a second under the former mark) of 54.00secs and enough points to place her at the top of the table for the first time this year with her 4th victory out of her last 5 performances. John Graham was her runner up just over a tenth shy of her mark. With his early season problems now hopefully behind him more seat time at Aintree, this was perhaps his best performance of the series to date.

Heather’s father Colin completed the podium a little over a second back from her. Not too far distant, with the car on a consistent 8 cylinders throughout the weekend, was Terry Holmes who was little further away from Calder snr as Calder snr was from Calder jnr! Next was perhaps the British Sprint Championship’s quietest car, the SBR Crono V8, which on Saturday was absolutely flying and finished with a time almost 4 seconds under the Sports Libre record. Simon Bainbridge is really now coming to grips with his mount.

It’s not often that Smiles is overcome by a Sports Libre car but, for the want of a tenth and a half, he was this time! Then came Chris Jones, having upgraded from Junior Challenge to full status since Pembrey, he was just a full second back (and the final driver to get under 60s) from Steve Miles and that was some achievement given the differences between the two cars! After some initial teething issues with the new Force TA Chris felt he had found the right Sprint set up. Another three quarters of a second back was Graham Porrett who was half a second clear of Simon Boulter who was troubled by clutch issues for much of the weekend. Grahame Harden was a little over a second behind his class compatriot, albeit with his GX Suzuki out of the ark! These two 1100s split by the increasingly competitive Graham Blackwell with his Mygale Ecoboost. Finally was Matt Hillam with a change of mount for the weekend, appropriately enough for a Westfield Sports Car Club event he was mounted in a shared SEi model.



Blyton Park July 8


SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship Round 7

1. Heather Calder (3.5 Gould-NME GR55) 54.00
2. John Graham (3.5 Gould-NME GR55B) 54.11
3. Colin Calder (3.5 Gould-NME GR55) 55.05
4. Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola Tegra Judd) 56.32
5. Simon Bainbridge (4.2t SBR Crono V8) 58.53
6. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen SBD RF96) 58.69
7. Chris Jones (1.0 Force TA) 59.70
8. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola Tegra Judd) 60.49
9. Simon Boulter (1.0 OMS 2000M) 61.05
10. Graham Blackwell (1.6t Mygale Ecoboost) 61.49
11. Grahame Harden (1.0 Jedi Mk 6) 62.20
12. Matt Hillam (2.0 Westfield SEi) 67.67

Heather Calder won at Blyton and moved into the BSC lead (D Partridge)

The improving Crono V8 of Simon Bainbridge was 5th (D Partridge)

Chris Jones scored his first Run Off points in the Force TA (D Partridge)

Heather Calder takes third win of the season at Pembrey

Event 6 at Pembrey on 04/06/2017

There were two challenges facing competitors over the course of the weekend in Wales. One was the weather, with rain joining proceedings to make life challenging for everyone with a particularly heavy downpour during the morning. The other was the introduction of a new element to the track on Sunday which competitors needed to learn. This took the form of the track carrying straight on, at the exit of section where competitors join the inside of the course from the outside at the paddock entrance, rather than continue to curve left (on the now paved former section of the rallycross course) followed by a 90 left into a 90 right back on to the original course. There is a suggestion that something similar will be built at the exit of Brooklands. The modifications have been introduced to benefit those who test at the circuit 5 days a week, as F3 cars can take the whole section from Hatchets to Brooklands flat and also from Brooklands back to Hatchets again. So this adds a further braking section together with some further slower speed areas. That rather overlooks the arrival of some competitors battling against Champions League spectators arriving on Friday in the Cardiff area.

On the new track, Heather Calder got back to winning ways with a new circuit record. Her father, Colin, however had much to smile about with not only senior daughter Heather winning but news emerged of junior daughter Louise becoming the fastest racing car driver both days of the weekend in the Golspie Sprint, closer to home.

John Graham & Terry Holmes again took 3rd and a 4th but the 2 litre runners changed their order a little with Matt Hillam leading Steve Miles and Steve Broughton in 5th to 7th places. These results meant that Steve was able to stay a few points ahead of Matt at the top of the BSC leader board. Sunday was a total nightmare for the Midland pairing of Tony Jarvis & Martin Webb, so the former was unable to reproduce his 8th place Saturday finish. Their car’s behaviour in the wet develops a mind of its own, so practice times were totally unrepresentative (and didn’t help the learning process for the new layout) and the only meaningful run was the second timed run which was insufficient for either to produce a time to their customary standard.

Matt Carter during his first timed run on Sunday managed to break his chain, but repairs were conducted and all was well for the remainder of the day. Simon Bainbridge was kicking himself on Sunday, his best run showing a very promising time at the “split” ruined by a spin later in the run, denying him an opportunity to qualify for the Top 12 Run Off and no points for Sunday unlike his Saturday exploits. In the Top 12 Run Off Nick Algar’s transmission contents made a bid for freedom from its casing.

Losing both Tony Jarvis & Simon Bainbridge from the Top 12 qualifiers left space for the introduction of Graham Blackwell who improved throughout the weekend and Grahame Harden who picked up more points.



Pembrey June 4

BARC Wales

SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship Round 6

1. Heather Calder 97.73s
2. Colin Calder 98.34s
3. John Graham 101.72s
4. Terry Holmes 103.54s
5. Matt Hillam 105.22s
6. Steve Miles 105.96s
7. Steve Broughton 107.32s
8. Graham Porrett 111.22s
9. Matt Carter 111.93s
10. Graham Blackwell (1.6t Mygale) 113.88s
11. Nick Algar 114.61s
12. Grahame Harden (1.0 Jedi Mk 6) 115.76s

SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship Points after Round 6:

1. Steve Miles 53pts
2. Matt Hillam 50pts
3. Heather Calder 49pts
4. Terry Holmes 47pts
5. Colin Calder 46pts
6. John Graham 38pts
7. Nick Algar 34pts
8. Steve Broughton 29pts
9. Tony Jarvis 27pts
10. Graham Porrett 24pts
11. Simon Bainbridge 16pts
12. Simon Boulter 14pts

Heather Calder took her third win of the year at Pembrey (Kim Broughton)

Grahame Harden and the Jedi were in the points again (Kim Broughton)

Time runs out at Pembrey

Event 5 at Pembrey on 03/06/2017

The first day of the BARC Wales was largely fine apart from a brief shower mid morning which led to a few difficulties.

One early casualty was Dave Cutcliffe who seems rather unable to complete a full weekend at Pembrey without some mechanical issue intervening, this time not managing anything beyond an incomplete Saturday practice. Rain intervened during second practice and as lunchtime approached unfortunately the wrong announcement was made leading to some competitors, who had avoided an earlier second run on wets, taking an outing on slicks as weather conditions improved. The afternoon presented a dilemma for many. Would there be a Top 12 Run Off? Might the Top 12 Run Off be delayed until the following morning (as has happened before) when the possibility of further rain existed? Would the Top 12 Run Off be delayed until Sunday afternoon, when weather would be better, but cars would be probably too hot with back to back Top 12 Run offs of 4 runs? Eventually the decision was taken to discard Saturday’s Top 12 Run off entirely.

Heather Calder was beaten for the first time this season. The circuit curfew prevented a Run Off, so results were determined on the basis of timed runs and she was beaten by 4/100ths of a second, by father Colin!

John Graham & Terry Holmes took 3rd and a 4th and the top 2 litre runners Steve Miles, Steve Broughton, Matt Hillam and Tony Jarvis took a share of 5th to 8th honours.

Simon Bainbridge had the SBR Crono V8 running well to take tenth ahead of Graham Porrett and Matt Carter.



Pembrey June 3

BARC Wales

SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship Round 5

1. Colin Calder (3.5 Gould-NME GR55) 87.90s
2. Heather Calder (3.5 Gould-NME GR55) 87.94s
3. John Graham (3.5 Gould-NME GR55B) 93.87s
4. Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola Tegra Judd) 94.78s
5. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 95.94s
6. Steve Broughton (2.0 SBD Dallara F3) 96.33s
7. Matt Hillam (2.0 SBD Dallara F3) 97.66s
8. Tony Jarvis (2.0 Dallara- F399/00) 98.53s
9. Nick Algar (1.3s DJ Firehawk) 98.93s
10. Simon Bainbridge (4.2t SBR Crono V8) 100.46s
11. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola Tegra Judd) 100.72s
12. Matt Carter (1.4 Radical PR6) 101.33s

Colin Calder overcame a wheel problem to take his first win of the year (Kim Broughton)

Simon Bainbridge scored points in the SBR Crono (Kim Broughton)

Heather Calder does the double at Snetterton

Event 4 at Snetterton on 14/05/2017

In contrast to the day before, Sunday just got warmer and warmer as the day progressed and as the heat warmed the track this was to help times no end.

John Graham's electrical fault on the fuel pump relay appeared to have been overcome on Saturday evening but on Sunday the pump moved in its mounting, the terminals touched the body and this resulted in a small fire on the insulation around the pump control relay melting the adjacent electric cabling. So that was end of play after Sunday's first timed run. To add insult to injury the event was one chosen by his son to visit, being closest to his Milton Keynes base (he works for Red Bull!)

Graham Porrett aborted one of his Top 12 runs on Sunday, and then set to with his "magic wand" to try to discover which of the 8 cylinders had gone missing. he found it, corrected it, and off Terry Holmes went with the car singing on 8 cylinders again. Nick Algar got the DJ Firehawk running well and took the final podium spot with his first run while a consistent Steve Miles again finished fourth to maintain his position at the top of the British Sprint championship leader board. Tony Jarvis improved by almost three seconds on his second run to take seventh just a hundredth ahead of Simon Bainbridge who was proving that the Crono V8is as fast as it looks.

So what was the highlight of the Snetterton weekend? The answer to that is easy. Following her Saturday win, Heather Calder only needed the one Top 12 Run Off run to secure her second outright victory of the weekend. That wasn't enough though for Heather, she took her second run and managed to secure a new outright circuit record. Even though he had been beaten by his daughter twice over the weekend, it was a joy to see the delight on Colin's face at his daughter's achievements. Now to maintain that for the remainder of the season.....



Snetterton May14

Borough 19 Motor Club

SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship Round 4

1. Heather Calder (3.5 Gould-NME GR55B) 74.43s
2. Colin Calder (3.5 Gould-NME GR55B) 76.26s
3. Nick Algar (1.3s DJ Firehawk) 78.88s
4. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 80.12s
5. Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola Tegra V8) 80.43s
6. Matt Hillam (2.0 SBD Dallara F3) 80.63s
7. Tony Jarvis (2.0 Dallara F399/00) 82.00s
8. Simon Bainbridge (4.2t SBR Crono V8) 82.01s
9 . Steve Broughton (2.0 SBD Dallara F3) 82.88s
10. Matt Carter (1.3 Radical PR6) 83.27s
11. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola Tegra V8) 84.95s
12. Martin Webb (2.0 Dallara F399/00) 86.05s

SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship Points after Round 4:

1. Steve Miles 38pts
2. Matt Hillam 35pts
3. Terry Homes 29pts
4. Nick algar 28pts
5. Heather Calder 25pts
6= Tony Jarvis 22pts
Colin Calder 22pts
8. John Graham 18pts
9. Graham Porrett 17pts
10. Steve Broughton 16pts
11. Simon Boulter 14pts
12. Simon Bainbridge 13pts

Snetterton yielded a pair of second places for Champion, Colin Calder (Andy Leivers)

Tony Jarvis took seventh by a hundredth in the Dallara (Andy Leivers)

Matt Hillam is running second in the Championship after Snetterton(Andy Leivers)

The Calders return at Snetterton

Event 3 at Snetterton on 13/05/2017

An odd sort of weekend weather-wise. It had rained over Friday night and bits and pieces of drizzle seemed to be about for some parts of Saturday. That was less of an issue as the very nature of Snetterton meant that the course dried in no time. There was a suggestion from some that that the less frequent use of the 100 circuit (even though it forms part of the 300 circuit) meant that Saturday was not the best day for chasing record times.

It appeared that, over the course of the day, it was to be the Gould GR55s that would be the subject of any ill fortune over the course of the weekend. John Graham suffered with an annoying fuel pressure issue which was attributable to either the fuel pump or an electrical fault on the fuel pump relay.

The Calder family, in their first outing of the season, were not short of their woes. During Colin''s second Top 12 Run Off run the exhaust system came apart, an issue solved overnight. Matt Carter also suffered on Saturday (annoying too, because he was only half a second shy of Colin Calder''s time in the first timed runs). In his case spinning in the midst of a run which would have comfortably qualified him in the midfield of the Top 12. Simon Boulter must have had an issue with the timekeepers during his Top 12 participation as he had to take so many re-runs he eventually had to return to his paddock space to refuel - but he still managed to finish 11th, score points and be the fastest 1100.

Getting an inaugural outing, at long last, was the Simon Bainbridge SBR Crono V8. The issues faced in this instance with MIRA and MSA before the team sees its MSA Vehicle Passport must take them into their own league! Much of the weekend was spent making the existing Sports Libre record a matter of history. It was also good to see the return of Bill Gouldthorpe for a whole weekend.

It was a pleasing supplement to the weekend to see two of our past competitors within the Formula Ford Festival field in the shape of Keith Sollis and Iain Houston. Added to that too was the presence of one of our past British Sprint Champions in the form of Mark Harrison who was racing on the 200 circuit in the F3 Cup field.

Heather Calder only got the one Top 12 Run Off run on Saturday, but that was enough to take the outright win by three tenths from Father, Colin in the Calder Engineering backed car. Continuing their good starts to the 2017 season, Steve Miles took fourth thanks, in part, to improving by three seconds on his second run and Graham Blackwell who again got his Mygale into the Run Off.

Paul Parker (and Andy Leivers for the images)


Snetterton May13

Borough 19 Motor Club

SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship Round 3

1. Heather Calder (3.5 Gould-NME GR55B) 77.39s
2. Colin Calder (3.5 Gould-NME GR55B) 77.68s
3. Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola Tegra V8) 80.45s
4. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 80.70s
5. Matt Hillam (2.0 SBD Dallara F3) 80.87s
6. Nick Algar (1.3s DJ Firehawk) 80.99s
7. John Graham (3.5 Gould-NME GR55B) 81.51s
8. Steve Broughton (2.0 SBD Dallara F3) 84.00s
9. Simon Bainbridge (4.2t SBR Crono V8) 84.07s
10. Tony Jarvis (2.0 Dallara F399/00) 85.25s
11. Simon Boulter (1.0 OMS 2000M) 88.78s
12. Graham Blackwell (1.6t Mygale Ecoboost) 88.94s

Heather Calder lifts a wheel on her way to victory (ANdy Leivers)

Simon Bainbridge was another series returnee in the SBR Chrono (Andy Leivers)

A single run was enought to give Terry Holmes the final podium place (Andy Leivers)

Simon Boulter made the Run Off in the OMS (Andy Leivers)

Graham from Holmes at Croft

Event 2 at Croft on 17/04/2017

Despite weather forecasts suggesting the contrary the Easter Monday Croft was greeted by dry weather throughout the day, although not altogether warm. John Graham arrived replete with a brand new wing, much narrower than its predecessor recognising that the previous version was too large given the speeds it was being faced with now, compared with those for which it was designed originally. For much of the day it was apparent that both Terry Holmes and Graham Porrett were able to enjoy 8 cylinders again, Terry Holmes being fastest of all throughout the majority of the day. Steve Miles was troubled during the timed runs his car coming to a halt after only a few corners in his first timed run. He then spent much of his time, under instruction from the SBD fraternity, armed with various tools, correcting the shortcoming. Nick Algar too was troubled by a variety of ailments which eventually were overcome. Grahame Harden spent much of his day troubled by his clutch, having partly repaired the item between events, but still awaiting some new springs (which were apparently in the post!) for it.

Terry Holmes was a second and three quarters clear during the timed runs. John Graham following was another second clear of a bunch of five who included Steve Miles, Matt Hillam, Graham Porrett, Nick Algar and Steve Broughton who were all covered by little more than the interval that Terry Holmes was clear of the whole field. Another relatively packed bunch consisted of Simon Boulter, Tony Jarvis, Martin Webb and Graham Blackwell. The only isolated member of the family was Grahame Harden with his clutch slipping terribly, he was just left to bed in new tyres for Snetterton!

Top 12 Run Off

Sadly the electronic maladies of the Chichester Lola made a return. Graham Porrett stalled on the line and, although the rear wheel centres crossed the start line, he restarted and completed his run so if the worst came to the worst he would at least have a time set to determine points for himself. Terry Holmes, conscious of the difficulty experienced by his co-driver, was more aggressive in the revs he used on the start line. It produced what, for him, would best be considered an indifferent start but was nonetheless the 2nd fastest time of the day. Grahame Harden, his clutch behaving itself rather better than earlier in the day, managed to find more than three seconds on his second run.

Graham Blackwell, spending much of his day learning many of the bells and whistles his car had acquired, produced the best run of his day to manage a point. The times of both Martin Webb and Tony Jarvis were not far apart, Martin's best time being his final run, the pair separated by under a second while Tony’s two Run Off runs were only 6/100ths apart. Graham Porrett followed the example of his co-driver on the startline of his second run. It also was far from his best launch but got him away and ultimately produced a time not too different from that earlier in the day. Simon Boulter's target was to get close to the times of Tony Jarvis and Martin Webb. His best Run Off time managed to beat both of them. The best car engined two litre cars' times were fairly close together. A second covered Matt Hillam, Steve Miles and Steve Broughton who finished in that order. Somewhere or other, despite suffering various glitches over the day, Nick Algar found a best time which matched that of Terry Holmes' best, but his second best time was a handful of seconds away whereas Holmes second best was only a tad over a second away which succeeded in determining the tie break between the pair. Finally, finding almost a second and a half on his final run, victory went to John Graham although the track temperature impacting his ultimate time, compared with the year before.



Croft April 17

Darlington & District Motor Club

SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship Round 2

John Graham (3.5 Gould-NME GR55B) 70.84s
Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola Tegra Judd) 71.45s
Nick Algar (1.3s DJ Firehawk) 71.45s
Matt Hillam (2.0 SBD Dallara F3) 72.54s
Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 72.67s
Steve Broughton (2.0 SBD Dallara F3) 73.55s
Simon Boulter (1.0 OMS 2000M) 76.21s
Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola Tegra Judd) 76.72s
Tony Jarvis (2.0 Dallara F399/00) 77.16s
Martin Webb (2.0 Dallara F399/00) 78.04s
Grahame Harden (1.0 Jedi Mk6) 78.86s
Graham Blackwell (1.6t Mygale Ecoboost) 80.03s

SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship Points after Round 2:

1.= Matt Hillam 20pts
Steve Miles 20pts
3. Graham Porrett 15pts
4. Tony Jarvis 13pts
5.= Simon Boulter 12pts
John Graham 12pts
7. Terry Holmes 11pts
8.= Martin Webb 10pts
Nick Algar 10pts
10. Scott Pillinger 8pts
11.= Steve Broughton 7pts
Grahame Harden 7pts

John Graham took the win at Croft (JCBPhotography.co.uk)

Smiles all around

Event 1 at Castle Combe on 25/03/2017

Season opening events, particularly this early in the year, can have a tendency to not going according to plan for some competitors. However, despite predictions over the winter concerning ROPS no competitors were faced with any difficulties, on that front, at Caslte Combe for the first round of the SBD British Sprint Championship. One competitor, who has battled with the subject for the past year, in a bid to have his passport released for a car that has been built totally from scratch, had decided to follow the route of certification involving MIRA and hoping thereby to be able to open his season, MUCH closer to home for him than at Croft over Easter. It would seem that the Scrutineers only became troubled with one issue and that was a car that possessed a banned steering wheel (look at Drawing 5.7 on page 155 of your Blue Book, the one with the big cross across it!) - an issue ultimately solved by the loan of his spare by a fellow competitor.

Fortunately it was a sunny day throughout, albeit with a biting wind. The whole SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship field were pleased to see the return of Bill Gouldthorpe. Unfortunately car problems in practice (coil/wiring related) led to a short day for him and co-driver Carole Torkington. Another returnee, also in the 1600cc Racing Car class was Scott Pillinger. However the car never performed properly throughout the day because of an electronic shortcoming. Matt Carter's Radical was making noises from its transmission it was never intended to, meaning that it managed practice and a timed run, but that was it. Also misbehaving at various stages through the day were the electronics of the Chichester pairing of Terry Holmes and Graham Porrett. They stuck with it, and indeed they were out the following day at Rockingham. Perhaps the most worrying incidents impacted upon John Graham. As he approached Avon Rise on his first timed run the upper elements of his rear wing made a bid for freedom. This lead to a big spin as he cross Avon Rise and approached Quarry. Very fortunately he conducted this exercise without touching anything solid. He attempted to undertake his second timed run armed with only the lower element of his rear wing. As he passed the pits at the end of his first lap the right hand half of that element was at an angle of 90 degrees to the left hand element, and for his safety, the organisers decided to switch on the red lights to halt any further progress.

A great deal of time was lost when Jeff Wiltshire's car attempted to perform the impression of a steam railway engine. It appeared that the engine let go approaching the finish line, and an oil slick was laid from Bobbies all the way into the pit lane supplemented by a great deal of smoke. The car continued its path under the Avon Bridge and then set fire to itself. The clean up operation rather put paid to the second Top 12 Run Off Run, although, of course, the damage to Jeff's car was of far greater concern.

When it came to the second timed runs the SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship contenders found themselves in something of a quandary. Would their points be based only upon the timed runs, because the amount of time lost during the day could mean no Top 12 Run Off? Would there maybe enough time left at the end to cater for maybe just a single Top 12 Run Off run? Because, as with many race circuits, Castle Combe has a fixed curfew matters really depended on how the remainder of the timed runs took place. Matt Carter managed his first timed run, sufficient to qualify comfortably, but not his second and sadly his day was done with a damaged diff. In the 1100s Grahame Harden, proudly displaying his "permanent number" for the first time battled with Simon Boulter, a newcomer to the British series. these two were joined by Martin Pickles who was displaying an "interesting" colour display having discovered the weight of many layers of paint in the car. Scott Pillinger's time was demonstrating all was not right, his best timed run some way distant from fellow Bristol MC member Simon Clemow's Force. Among the two litres the SBD pairing of Steve Broughton & Matt Hillam, their car demonstrating an interesting new colour for 2017, by means of a "wrap", led with times on a par from 2016. Steve Miles passed on his first timed run battling with a small problem, but managed an acceptable time on the second runs, which was his only run. Dave Cutcliffe seemed slightly off the pace, perhaps no more than "rust" having competed so infrequently. Tony Jarvis & Martin Webb started their season apparently untroubled. John Graham's issues have already been mentioned. Terry Holmes best timed run stood as FTD for the day with shared driver Graham Porrett a little distant.

Top 12 Run Off

Ultimately the organisers decided that sufficient timed remained for a single Top 12 Run Off. Matt Carter had qualified, but sadly was unable to run. Terry Holmes time was denied when all four wheels were reported to have departed the black stuff in favour of the green at Bobbies. Steve Broughton, uncharacteristically had an off at Quarry, although it was difficult to identify damage by eye when the car had returned to the paddock under its own steam. Dave Cutcliffe too was unable to post a time. Grahame Harden set a time with which he must have been disappointed, as it was many seconds shy of his best timed run, but at least his first 2017 points were posted. Simon Boulter posted a sensible time on his first ever British Sprint Championship Top 12 Run Off within a few hundredths of his best timed run. Likewise Martin Webb also followed suit with a time just hundredths away from his best timed run. Scott Pillinger improved his timed noticeably from the timed runs to the best 1600 single seater time of the day, but nonetheless the car was not right. Beating him by a few tenths and also improving his time from those of the timed runs was Tony Jarvis to just miss out on a podium place. Graham Porrett battled manfully with a car which had an engine operating on a questionable number of cylinders, albeit certainly not eight as intended, his time almost mirroring that of his best timed run. Also within a few tenths of his best timed run was runner up Matt Hillam concluding the day with an eleven points haul. Finally with his third ever event win was Steve Miles who was ever so slightly pleased with his day's outcome!



Casdtle Combe March 25

Bristol Motor Club

SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship Round 1

1. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen-SBD RF96mm) 120.00s
2. Matt Hillam (2.0 SBD Dallara F3) 121.41s
3. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola-Tegra Judd T90/50) 126.69s
4. Tony Jarvis (2.0 Dallara F399/00) 129.76s
5. Scott Pillinger (1.3 DSP-Hayabusa) 130.36s
6. Martin Webb (2.0 Dallara F399/00) 133.80s
7. Simon Boulter (1.0 OMS 2000M) 134.72s
8. Grahame Harden (1.0 Jedi Mk 6) 140.08s
Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola-Tegra Judd T90/50) Fail
Steve Broughton (2.0 SBD Dallara F3) Fail
Dave Cutcliffe (1.3t Van Diemen DC93M) Fail
Matt Carter (1.4 Radical PR6) DNS

SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship Points after Round 1:

1. Steve Miles 12pts

2. Matt Hillam 11pts

3. Graham Porrett 10pts

4. Tony Jarvis 9pts

5. Scott Pillinger 8pts

6. Martin Webb 7pts

7. Simon Boulter 6pts

8. Grahame Harden 5pts

Steve Miles took his third Run Off win at Combe (K Broughton)

An excellent runner up spot for Matt Hillam (K Broughton)

Colin's Championship & Heather's win as Calders dominate Anglesey

Event 15 at Anglesey on 02/10/2016

So Sunday and the final round of the Championship arrived, to be held on the International circuit and with a total change in weather from the day before to dry and sunny. Conferences were taking place concerning what had to happen to whom to achieve their desired objective. Colin Calder had, by the start of proceedings, achieved his unprecedented four consecutive SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship win, but on Sunday he became simply a “pawn”. If Heather Calder wanted second place she needed to win, with her father in second, and break the outright record at least once. She got the win (which, again with dropped points complicating the issue, lead her to equal John Graham’s total) but was three quarter’s of a second adrift from that elusive record (and the bonus point which would come with it) due to a slight departure on to some grass.

Other points of interest included Grahame Harden who achieved the British Sprint Championships widest smile of the weekend having achieved his objective of 12th place and a permanent number for 2017. After three months absence as their engine was subject to tender loving care after Pembrey, Tony Jarvis and Martin Webb were at last, in Sunday’s event able to display their 2016 permanent numbers for the final time in seventh and eleventh places respectively. Another good run from Matt Carter secured his place as the top sports car in the Championship

Having already secured their permanent numbers for 2017 (which unusually they have been without during 2016), Terry Holmes and Graham Porrett''''s crank sensor failure proved not to be crucial in the overall standings. A final mention should be made of Carole Torkington, who had her most successful year in the British Sprint Championship with score of 13 points.



Anglesey International October 2


SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship Round 15

1. Heather Calder (3.5 Gould-NME GR55) 73.33s
2. Colin Calder (3.5 Gould-NME GR55) 74.30s
3. John Graham (2.8 Gould-NME GR55B) 75.31s
4. Matt Hillam (2.0 SBD Dallara F3) 78.59s
5. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 78.94s
6. Steve Broughton (2.0 SBD Dallara F3) 79.52s
7. Tony Jarvis (2.0 Dallara - Cougar Power F399/00) 80.47s
8. Nick Algar (1.3s DJ Firehawk) 80.53s
9. Louise Calder (1.0 Jedi Mk1) 82.55s
10. Matt Carter (1.4 Radical PR6) 82.90s
11. Martin Webb (2.0 Dallara - Cougar Power F399/00) 83.15s
12. Jim Belt (3.0 Juno TR400) 84.86s

SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship final standings:

1. Colin Calder 105pts
2. John Graham 101pts
3. Heather Calder 101pts
4. Terry Holmes 90pts
5. Steve Miles 82pts
6. Matt Hillam 79pts
7. Steve Broughton 67pts
8. Nick Algar 58pts
9. Matt Carter 54pts
10. Graham Porrett 44pts
11. Jim Belt 43pts
12. Grahame Harden 29pts

Heather Calder took her third win of the year at Anglesey (N Lambert)

Colin Calder can carry No.1 again next year (N Lambert)

Miles takes first Top Twelve win at Anglesey

Event 14 at Anglesey on 01/10/2016

The British Sprint Championship began its final weekend of 2016 with Colin Calder on top with John Graham and Heather Calder behind on equal points.

Ultimately on day one it went wrong for the Calder pairing as they were unable to take their part in the Top 12 Run Off as starter issues intervened, and even towing the car was unsuccessful, so it was work on the car into the evening (well until about midnight actually). For John Graham matters weren’t helped by changeable conditions in the Top 12 Run Off (it was drying) and every type of tyre was being used from wets, that most had used for most of the day, to intermediates to slicks which were used by Steve Miles, winning by some margin on his second run.

But Crucially, as it was to appear, his second place and ten points gave John Graham a couple of additional points in the Championship and close the gap to the leader as dropping points had long before become an issue for him.



Anglesey National October 1


SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship Round 14

1. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 107.54s
2. John Graham (2.8 Gould-NME GR55B) 111.22s
3. Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola Tegra Judd) 113.05s
4. Matt Carter (1.4 Radical PR6) 113.24s
5. Matt Hillam (2.0 SBD Dallara F3) 113.75s
6. Steve Broughton (2.0 SBD Dallara F3) 114.89s
7. Louise Calder (1.0 Jedi Mk1) 115.44s
8. Grahame Harden (1.1 Jedi Mk 6) 116.70s
9. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola Tegra Judd) 117.54s
10. Jim Belt (3.0 Juno TR400) 118.69s
11. Carole Torkington (1.6 OMS-SBD Suzuki CF08) 119.52s
12. Nick Algar (1.3s DJ Firehawk) 123.59s

A change to slicks for his final run gave Steve Miles the win (Neil Lambert)

Matt Carter prepares to set off for a fourth place finish (Neil Lambert)

Another win for Graham at Blyton

Event 13 at Blyton Park on 11/09/2016

For the second visit to this venue a different, double lap, format was used which presented everyone with a quite unique challenge. An added bonus was the quite beautiful weather present throughout the day. The timed runs experienced a few unfortunate incidents. Perhaps the saddest, from which he was left with irreparable damage, impacted on Martin Pickles when his right front stub axle broke and in the course of that incident his brake calliper mounting plate became severely bent leaving one corner pointing in a different direction to the other three. Terry Holmes had a much more severe incident, than many others, who also had them in the same Port Froid location at which the cars are both at high speed, but changing direction too. Fortunately despite the severity of his incident Holmes was able to recover to enjoy later runs. One other competitor who I shan’t embarrass by naming him lost one run to an inability to count the number of laps correctly!

Carole Torkington opened her account ion the Top 12 runs with a modest run, but poured it on in her second attempt to post by far her best time of the day. Graham Blackwell, in his first Top 12 Run Off, posted two closely matched times. Despite an improvement on his second run Grahame Harden was denied the time having ventured off the course with all 4 wheels, but his first run was sufficient for tenth spot. Jim Belt adopted his customary practice when the weather is warmer of relying on just one run whose time was well ahead of those behind him but some way distant from those ahead.

Next up was Graham Porrett who posted two solid safe runs. Matt Carter was one of those who posted an incident at Port Froid, albeit continuing at unabated speed, and appeared to be setting a significantly improved time but unfortunately spun just before the finish on his second run. Steve Broughton spun before the finish on his first run but managed a good, albeit not his best, second run while Nick Algar was a second further back despite suffering throttle cable incidents all day. Steve Miles seemed to be off his own pace, compared with his timed run times, but it was enough for 4th spot. Having an incident on his second run Terry Holmes had to rely on his sparkling first run effort for 3rd but was bettered by Matt Hillam whose 2nd run was the top 2 litre car time all day. However nobody was able to approach John Graham’s final run time which left him quite simply in a class of his own.


Blyton Park September 11


SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship Round 13

1. John Graham (2.8 Gould-NME GR55B) 112.51s
2. Matt Hillam (2.0 SBD Dallara F3) 115.51s
3. Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola Tegra Judd) 116.35s
4. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 117.80s
5. Nick Algar (1.3s DJ Firehawk) 119.68s
6. Steve Broughton (2.0 SBD Dallara F3) 120.12s
7. Matt Carter (1.4 Radical PR6) 120.68s
8. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola Tegra Judd) 122.69s
9. Jim Belt (3.0 Juno TR400) 125.70s
10. Grahame Harden (1.1 Jedi Mk 6) 129.63s
11. Graham Blackwell (1.6t Mygale Mountune)130.50s
12. Carole Torkington (1.6 OMS 25 SBD) 133.06s

SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship Points after Round 13:

1. Colin Calder 105pts

2= Heather Calder & John Graham 99pts

4. Terry Holmes 87

5. Steve Miles 78pts

6. Matt Hillam 75pts

7. Steve Broughton 60pts

8. Nick Algar 52pts

9. Matt Carter 49pts

10= Jim Belt & Graham Porrett 42pts

12. Simon Bainbridge 26pts

Graham's win moved him up to 2nd in the Championship (K Broughton)

Matt Hillam, 2nd in the SBD Dallara (K Broughton)

Another Calder double at Kirkistown

Event 12 at Kirkistown on 07/08/2016

The weather for the second day of the British Sprint Championship Kirkistown double header was windy but still warm and dry.

The Calder’s suffered issues with their rear wing mounting,but nonetheless the pair managed a closely fought one-two once again. Terry Holmes’ first Run Off Run was aborted with high oil temperature. Ultimately however, his second run was just insufficient to overcome John Graham coming up short by a by a tenth.

Both the two litre runners had an off each during their Run Offs. Nick Algar, having experienced brake issues over the weekend, suffered a throttle jamming on his opening Sunday run but retrieved matters with a record breaking second run. Steve Miles also broke the record on his Run Off opener but a little over enthusiasm on his second run meant he was unable to complete that one.

Jim Belt was satisfied with a single run, with a time not dissimilar to the Porrett pair. Harden completing his weekend with his best run of the day.



Kirkistown August 7

500 MRCI

SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship Round 12
  1. Colin Calder 103.63s
  2. Heather Calder 104.84s
  3. John Graham 108.50s
  4. Terry Holmes 108.66s
  5. Steve Miles 112.46s
  6. Nick Algar 112.97s
  7. Graham Porrett 118.30s
  8. Jim Belt 119.46s
  9. Grahame Harden 121.57s

SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship Points after Round 12:

1. Colin Calder 105pts
2. Heather Calder 99pts
3. John Graham 95pts
4. Terry Holmes 84pts
5. Steve Miles 77pts
6. Matt Hillam 63pts
7. Steve Broughton 53pts
8. Matt Carter 47pts
9. Nick Algar 44pts
10. Jim Belt 40pts
11. Graham Porrett 39pts
12. Simon Bainbridge 26pts

Terry Holmes climbed to fourth in the Championship (Tom Maxwell)

Matt Carter had a difficult week-end in the Radical (Tom Maxwell)

Calders back on top in Ireland

Event 11 at Kirkistown on 06/08/2016

The SBD British Sprint Championship were greeted to a delightful weekend in Northern Ireland, it being warm and sunny and dry on Saturday. The entry was supplemented by competitors from Southern Ireland as well as the usual local sprinters and were present in stronger numbers on Saturday as is customary.

Colin Calder continued his strong form with another victory. However, as is usual in 2016, daughter Heather continued her strong form, finishing second by a scant few tenths. Also closely matched were Terry Holmes and John Graham, again only a few tenths apart from each other, albeit a couple of seconds distant from the Calder clan.

Then came the pair of two litre Championship runners. Steve Miles, who has taken in every round so far this year, accompanied by past British Sprint Champion Nick Algar, who made one outing early in the season, close to home at Croft, but has competed at Anglesey & Knockhill since. Their two cars are terribly different. Miles’ Van Diemen chassis has been extensively developed throughout his ownership with the engine, gearbox and bodywork all receiving attention. By contrast, Nick Algar’s DJ Firehawk, powered by a supercharged Suzuki Hayabusa engine, is the second such model Algar has enjoyed during his career. The pair were separated by mere tenths, both setting times very adjacent to the two litre category record. These two were pursued by Terry Holmes’ co-driver Graham Porrett.

Then there were the two Sports Racing Cars with this time Jim Belt’s Jaguar engined Juno overcoming Matt Carter’s Radical PR6, the latter suffering issues with its differential which would ultimately over the weekend prove to be insuperable. Finally Grahame Harden’s Mk 6 Jedi took the last run off spot.



Kirkistown August 6

500 MRCI

SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship Round 11
  1. Colin Calder (3.5 Gould-NME GR55) 82.64s
  2. Heather Calder (3.5 Gould-NME GR55) 83.23s
  3. Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola Tegra 90) 85.66s
  4. John Graham (2.8 Gould-NME GR55B) 86.54s
  5. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen-SBD RF96 mm16) 88.67s
  6. Nick Algar (1.4s DJ Firehawk) 89.20s
  7. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola Tegra 90) 93.11s
  8. Jim Belt (3.0 Juno TR400) 95.04s
  9. Matt Carter (1.4 Radical PR6) 97.20s
  10. Grahame Harden (1.1 Jedi Mk6) 99.32s

Another victory for Colin Calder's Gould GR55 (Tom Maxwell)

A good fifth for Steve Miles' highly developed Van Diemen (Tom Maxwell)

Robb's winning return at Knockhill

Event 10 at Knockhill on 31/07/2016

Stewart Robb jnr built on his Saturday perfomance for the second day of the British Sprint Championship's Knockhill double header with a victory despite not having held an MSA Competition Licence for 4 years before this event! The previous day's winner, Heather Calder was unable to better third place on Sunday, troubled by tyre difficulties. Reigning champion Colin Calder improved to a second on day two while 2011 & 2012 Champion Stewart Robb repeated his fourth place from the day before.

Nick Algar wasn’t able to better eighth place spot on Sunday, being troubled with electrical issues throughout the day. John Graham improved one place to take fifth with his best time of the whole day as his final one. Another competitor to improve his placing was Terry Holmes, who was troubled for much of the day with electrical problems (eventually overcome) took sixth and sounding much healthier.

Matt Carter and Jim Belt continued their sports car battle, still a couple of seconds apart but with positions reversed to finish ninth and eleventh respectively and separated by Louise Calder, again the fastest 1000 competitor.



Knockhill (clockwise) July 31

SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship Round 10
  1. Stewart Robb jnr 84.20s
  2. Colin Calder 84.46s
  3. Heather Calder 84.91s
  4. Stewart Robb 85.58s
  5. John Graham 90.78s
  6. Terry Holmes 91.47s
  7. Steve Miles 94.39s
  8. Nick Algar 96.00s
  9. Matt Carter 98.08s
  10. Louise Calder 98.96s
  11. Jim Belt 100.83s
  12. Graham Porrett 101.22s

SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship Points after Round 10:

1. Colin Calder 92pts
2. John Graham 91pts
3. Heather Calder 87pts
4. Steve Miles 73pts
5. Terry Holmes 70pts
6. Matt Hillam 63pts
7. Steve Broughton 53pts
8. Matt Carter 44pts
9. Jim Belt 32pts
10. Nick Algar 29pts
11. Graham Porrett 28pts
12. Simon Bainbridge 26pts

Stewart Robb jnr made a winning return at Knockhill (John Stewart)

Colin Calder took the Championship lead at Knockhill (John Stewart)

Heather Calder heads the V8s

Event 9 at Knockhill on 30/07/2016

The 2016 version of this weekend was greeted largely with far better weather than hitherto. The event was supported by an entry consisting of the 8 most recent British Sprint Champions but they were unable to monopolise the headlines.

Saturday’s victor was Heather Calder, in the Calder Engineering backed Gould GR55, who set a best time of 82.07s to beat 2008 British Sprint Champion Stewart Robb jnr, despite the weather intervening to make both their second Top 12 Run Off opportunities meaningless by a sudden shower, so they passed by those opportunities. Robb jnr had comfortably headed the timesheets in qualifying despite having had little seat time in the Pilbeam MP88 in recent years. Reigning champion Colin Calder managed 3rd place and the 2011 & 2012 Champion, Stewart Robb, picked up 4th place with all of the top 4 runners breaking the existing track record in the process of their performances on Saturday, when the anticlockwise layout of the track was used.

2009 & 2010 British Sprint Champion Nick Algar, not to be undone despite using a much lower capacity car than his compatriots picked up a 5th place spot, murdering the existing 2 litre class record in the process,while John Graham managed sixth.

Steve Miles managed a seventh place spot also bettering the existing two-litre record in the process and Terry Holmes managed an eighth place spot just ahead of Louise Calder, making an occasional British Sprint appearance, in the family Jedi MK1 and Graham Porrett in the Lola Tegra.

The two Sports Car contenders were closely matched and Jim Belt took eleventh with Matt Carter twelfth just a couple of seconds apart.

Colin Metcalfe gave his recently acquired OMS2000 its debut and rounding out the field was Scot, Eric Kiltie in his Caterham.



Knockhill (anti clockwise) July 30

SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship Round 9
  1. Heather Calder (3.5 Gould NME GR55) 82.07s
  2. Stewart Robb jnr (4.0 Pilbeam MP88-Judd KV) 82.42s
  3. Colin Calder (3.5 Gould NME GR55) 82.51s
  4. Stewart Robb (4.0 Pilbeam MP88 – Judd KV) 83.27s
  5. Nick Algar (1.4s DJ Firehawk) 87.95s
  6. John Graham (2.8 Gould NME GR55B) 89.73s
  7. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen SBD RF96 MM16) 89.83s
  8. Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola Tegra 90) 91.71s
  9. Louise Calder (1.0 Jedi Mk1) 96.97s
  10. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola Tegra 90) 97.62s
  11. Jim Belt (3.0 Juno TR400) 98.13s
  12. Matt Carter (1.4 Radical PR6) 100.12s

Heather Calder on her way to another Top 12 win (John Stewart)

Nick Algar's DJ Firehawk negotiates Knockhill's sweeps (John Stewart)

Father's (wet) Day at Anglesey

Event 8 at Anglesey on 19/06/2016

In a marked contrast to the day before, on Sunday it rained almost from start of play and steadily got heavier, such that after a tour of inspection just before 2.00pm by the Clerk of the Course and MSA Steward abandoned the meeting after a single timed run had been completed. This run determined the results of the event rather that the usual Top 12 Run Off.

Colin Calder did more than enough for the comfortable win on Sunday with John Graham (still running the borrowed front wing) a couple of seconds adrift in second place, and enough to take over the Championship lead) ahead of Saturday's victor, Heather Calder.

The works SBD pairing of Steve Broughton & Matt Hillam were rather less successful in Sunday’s wet conditions, Hillam managing a sixth place but Broughton only managed tenth spot. Steve Miles took a very laudable fourth position finish while Nick Algar failed to finish on the one timed run on Sunday.

Jim Belt managed a remarkable fifth on Sunday but Grahame Harden was running on slicks and wheel spinning in the uphill sections finishing up in ninth place but disappointed as a brand new wets was waiting! Carole Torkington finished top SBD employee in eighth making it one of her better weekend points hauls. Matt Carter effected some overnight repairs and came back strongly with a seventh place. Colin Metcalfe took the final (well earned) place in his Nissan Primera.



Anglesey National June 19

MAC/Chester MC

SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship Round 8

1. Colin Calder 115.23s
2. John Graham 117.58s
3. Heather Calder 118.22s
4. Steve Miles 118.96s
5. Jim Belt 120.55s
6. MattHillam 123.28s
7. Matt Carter 126.27s
8. Carole Torkington 126.53s
9. Grahame Harden 127.35s
10. Steve Broughton 128.02s
11. Richard Arrowsmith 129.25s
12. Colin Metcalfe (Nissan Primera) 139.33s

SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship Points after Round 8:

1. John Graham 76pts
2. Colin Calder 69pts
3. Steve Miles 65pts
4. Heather Calder 64pts
5. Matt Hillam 63pts
6. Terry Holmes 58pts
7. Steve Broughton 53pts
8. Matt Carter 39pts
9. Jim Belt 28pts
10. Simon Bainbridge 26pts
11. Graham Porrett 23pts
12. Nick Algar 15pts

Steve Miles found his new aero worked well in the wet (N Lambert)

Heather Calder was third on Sunday (N Lambert)

Calders back on song

Event 7 at Anglesey on 18/06/2016

Two contrasting days greeted the first 2016 visit to perhaps one of the British Sprint Championship’s competitors’ favourite circuits with Saturday enjoying quite delightful weather.

Wide smiles were being displayed by the Scottish members of the British Sprint Championship fraternity, the Calder family engine back to full working order. To demonstrate that fully Heather Calder secured the Top 12 Run Off win on Saturday win in the Calder Engineering backed Gould GR55. Father, Colin, was just over a quarter of a second away with John Graham third and most grateful for the loan of the Calder family spare front wing after damaging his when he had a small incident with the armco barrier just after the start on his 2nd timed run.

The works SBD pairing of Steve Broughton & Matt Hillam managed a 5th and 4th placed finish. Steve Miles tied on best times with Broughton with Nick Algar was next up behind Miles.

Jim Belt finished as top sports car in eighth place and Grahame Harden was next finisher ahead of Carole Torkington. Richard Arrowsmith secured eleventh place despite a spin and having to push his car back on track on T1 but Matt Carter suffered an 'off' on his first Run Off effort and failed to finish.



Anglesey International June 18

MAC/Chester MC

SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship Round 7

1. Heather Calder (3.5 Gould-NME GR55)73.62s
2. Colin Calder (3.5 Gould-NME GR55) 73.90s
3. John Graham (2.8 Gould-NME GR55B)76.16s
4. Matt Hillam (2.0 SBD Dallara F3)77.76s
5. Steve Broughton (2.0 SBD Dallara F3)78.68s
6. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen RF96)78.68s
7. Nick Algar (1.3s DJ Firehawk)79.24s
8. Jim Belt (3.0 Juno TR400) 83.78s
9. Grahame Harden (1.1 Jedi Mk 6)85.28s
10. Carole Torkington (1.6 OMS CF08)87.04s
11. Richard Arrowsmith (1.0 Force PC) 88.80s
DNF Matt Carter (1.4 Radical PR6)

Colin Calder's Gould was working well at Anglesey (N Lambert)

Another lady in the Top 12 - Carole Torkington (N Lambert)

Graham goes one better

Event 6 at Pembrey on 05/06/2016

John Graham's development in his Gould continued throughout the weekend, ultimately concluding with a Run Off win, the weekend's FTD and his speech at Sunday's prizegiving. These must surely have been followed by a smile all the way home up the M5 & M6.

All three Gould mounted competitors showed a clear time improvement on Sunday and victory was snatched this time by John Graham by a tenth from Colin Calder. Heather Calder was in third spot a little way adrift of the top two on times and what she felt about that was clearly being demonstrated in her demeanour throughout the weekend.

Matt Hillam & Steve Broughton reversed their positions on Sunday but Steve Miles found a bunch of time to head both the works SBD drivers. Dave Cutliffe was unable to repeat his success from the day before as during Sunday practice both chain and the pulley upon which it is mounted broke imposing an intense work programme before Anglesey! Also busy will be Tony Jarvis and Martin Webb as they also struggled to come to grips with a problem throughout the weekend particularly as the car seemed unsure whether to behave or misbehave on each run.

Jim Belt was having to take more care on Sunday to avoid further driveshaft problems and Simon Bainbridge had an "interesting" Top 12 effort on Sunday, when I doubt any more than one gear was used!

The only other contender to make a Top 12 Run Off place was Grahame Harden. He managed to do so with a wide smile as he concluded his weekend with a personal best time.



Pembrey June 5

BARC Wales

SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship Round 6

1.John Graham 88.68s
2.Colin Calder 88.78s
3.Heather Calder 90.87s
4.Terry Holmes 92.31s
5.Steve Miles 93.94s
6.Steve Broughton 95.38s
7.Matt Hillam 95.85s
8.Graham Porrett 99.19s
9.Matt Carter 100.61s
10.Jim Belt 101.95s
11.Grahame Harden (1.1 Jedi MK4) 105.16s
12.Simon Bainbridge 170.75s

SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship Points after Round 6:

1. Terry Holmes 58pts
2. John Graham 55pts
3. Steve Miles 49pts
4. Matt Hillam 47pts
5. Colin Calder 46pts
6= Steve Broughton 42pts
Heather Calder 42pts
8. Matt Carter 33pts
9. Simon Bainbridge 26pts
10. Graham Porrett 23pts
11. Jim Belt 15pts
12= Martin Webb 9pts
Nick Algar 9pts

John Graham took an impressive win over the Calders (K Broughton)

Grahame Harden made the Top 12 with the Jedi (K Broughton)

Goulds to the fore as Graham splits the Calders

Event 5 at Pembrey on 04/06/2016

Father, Colin, and daughter, Heather, Calder achieved the results they did despite their car misbehaving throughout the weekend. This was something of a mirror of what had taken place a fortnight earlier when they made their 2016 season debut. Their times were, after all, some significant number of seconds away from their best times in ideal conditions, which Colin was at pains to emphasise existed throughout the weekend. It was pleasing to see that Terry Holmes and Graham Porrett had overcome their issues from a fortnight before and now all 8 cylinders were now in full working order.

The top 3 demonstrated the development in times achieved over the course of the weekend. Colin Calder taking Saturday's win just under a couple of tenths clear of John Graham. Heather Calder was in third spot a little way adrift of the top two on times.

The works SBD pairing of Matt Hillam & Steve Broughton finished in that order on Saturday and there was a great deal of suspension tinkering taking pace throughout the weekend although judging by the times it was difficult to determine what benefits were being accrued. Steve Miles finished behind the pair on Saturday, which also saw the reappearance of Dave Cutcliffe who was setting encouraging times with a finish just adrift of Steve Miles.

Two members of the Sports Libre fraternity in Matt Carter and Jim Belt battled away throughout the weekend to break their Category record, unsuccessfully as it transpired. Not helping matters was Jim Belt breaking a driveshaft end on Saturday. Simon Bainbridge, their third compatriot, suffered with lost gears for much of the weekend, producing some astonishing times given the limited range of gears he was employing. However ultimately a shredded drive belt rather added insult to injury.



Pembrey June 4

BARC Wales

SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship Round 5

1.Colin Calder (3.5 Gould-NME GR55) 90.11s
2.John Graham (2.8 Gould-NME GR55C) 90.28s
3.Heather Calder (3.5 Gould-NME GR55)92.08s
4. Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola Tegra Judd) 92.78s
5. Matt Hillam (2.0 SBD Dallara F3) 94.20s
6. Steve Broughton (2.0 SBD Dallara F3) 95.84s
7.Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 96.23s
8.Dave Cutcliffe (1.3t Van Diemen 93M) 98.39s
9. Matt Carter (1.4 Radical PR6) 100.66s
10. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola Tegra Judd) 100.83s
11.Jim Belt (3.0 Juno TR400) 101.67s
12.Tony Jarvis (2.0 Dallara- Cougar Power F399/00) 107.70s

Another win for Colin Calder at Pembrey (K Broughton)

Dave Cutliffe made a welcome and successful return at Pembrey (K Broughton)

Colin Calder out front at Snetterton

Event 4 at Snetterton on 22/05/2016

For the second part of the Snetterton Sprint double header the Calders were still struggling with gear change issues but father, Colin found a couple of seconds from his previous day''s time to take the Top 12 Run Off victory from an on form John Graham who is now really getting to grips with the car and set a new PB.

Heather Calder was third, unable to match her time from the previous day while Terry Holmes had an utterly appalling start on his first Top 12 run, followed by a spin shortly afterwards. However, on his second run he at least managed a points paying finish albeit back in sixth to maintain his championship lead.

The two litre tussle between the SBD powered Dallara of Matt Hillam and the similarly powered Van Diemen of Steve Miles continued but with the positions reversed from the day before, Hillam getting very close to the two litre record in the process.

As on the Saturday the Sports Libre squad followed with Bainbridge leading Carter and Belt in 7th, 9th and 11th places respectively. All three are becoming a competition in themselves alone and appear to be enjoying the process! The final points were taken by Grahame Harden in his ''new'' Jedi MK4 (recently built up from boxes of parts which had sat in his garage for a few years) after a slow start to the week-end.

The Jarvis/Webb Dallara failed to appear after suffering from very mysterious electrical problems after initially fixing a faulty throttle position sensor. The team were preparing themselves for the tedious job of a wiring loom check back at base.


Snetterton 100 May 22

Borough 19 Motor Club

SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship Round 4

  1. Colin Calder – 77.45secs
  2. John Graham – 78.83secs
  3. Heather Calder – 79.46secs
  4. Matt Hillam 80.50secs
  5. Steve Miles – 81.48secs
  6. Terry Holmes 81.97secs
  7. Simon Bainbridge – 83.91secs
  8. Steve Broughton – 84.60secs
  9. Matt Carter – 84.80secs
  10. Graham Porrett – 85.07secs
  11. Jim Belt – 85.56secs
  12. Grahame Harden (1.1 Jedi Mk4) 90.76secs

SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship Points after Round 4:

1. Terry Holmes 40pts
2. Steve Miles 35pts
3. Matt Hillam 33pts
4. John Graham 32pts
5. Steve Broughton 28pts
6= Matt Carter 25pts
Simon Bainbridge 25pts
8. Colin Calder 23pts
9. Heather Calder 22 pts
10. Graham Porrett 15pts
11. Jim Belt 10pts
12= Martin Webb 9pts
Nick Algar 9pts

Colin Calder returned to the winners circle at Snetterton (A Leivers)

Matt Hillam took an excellent fourth in the SBD Dallara (A Leivers)

Another Championship win for Heather Calder

Event 3 at Snetterton on 21/05/2016

Sprinting’s annual visit to East Anglia’s premier venue at Snetterton was accompanied by pleasurable weather conditions all weekend. This year’s event was the Calder family’s inaugural outing in 2016, and what a display! On the Saturday, victory was taken comfortably by daughter Heather, a full second ahead of father, Colin, in the Calder Engineering backed Gould GR55. These performance were achieved despite gear change issues, overcome only by early upchanges. Another V8 competitor struggling with a recalcitrant car was Terry Holmes, despite which he managed to secure 3rd spot.

John Graham however appeared to demonstrate no negative feelings following a first timed run spin and went on to secure fourth spot.

Behind these V8s was a two litre tussle between the SBD powered Dallara of Matt Hillam and the similarly powered Van Diemen of Steve Miles. These two battled hard Miles pipping Hillam by mere hundredths. Behind these two came the Sports Libre fraternity and the old record for this category was steadily being taken apart. Various numbers of seconds were being taken off the old record on Saturday by Jim Belt, Matt Carter and Simon Bainbridge (who had bent a gear selector fork which needed to be re-welded) in the course of their securing 8th, 10th and 7th spots.

Nick Algar had been on the pace in practice with the DJ Firehawk but a supercharger failure meant his week-end was over before it had really started.


Snetterton 100 May 21

Borough 19 Motor Club

SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship Round 3

  1. Heather Calder (3.5 Gould-NME GR55) 78.46secs
  2. Colin Calder (3.5 Gould-NME GR55) 79.45secs
  3. Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola Tegra Judd) 80.00secs
  4. John Graham (2.8 Gould-NME GR55B) 80.44secs
  5. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 82.47secs
  6. Matt Hillam (2.0 SBD Dallara F3) 82.55secs
  7. Simon Bainbridge (4.2 SBR Crono V8) 83.29secs
  8. Jim Belt (3.0 Juno TR400) 85.18secs
  9. Steve Broughton (2.0 SBD Dallara F3) 85.66secs
  10. Matt Carter (1.4 Radical PR6) 86.22secs
  11. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola Tegra Judd) 86.23secs
  12. Tony Jarvis (2.0 Dallara- Cougar Power F399/00) No time

Heather Calder took the big Gould to another Top 12 victory (Andy Leivers)

Terry Holmes took his third podium of the year (A Leivers)

Graham and Holmes in close Croft battle

Event 2 at Croft on 28/03/2016

An early Easter this year lead to rather cold, albeit at least dry, weather conditions when it mattered. This unfortunately produced low track temperatures and consequentially that impacted negatively on times.

Practice was wet and had a couple of highlights. John Graham’s team creating their own set of intermediates, lightly cutting a set of slicks before running. Mike Manning was producing some wonderful launches, just as he did in his rally cross days, but unfortunately “did” a turbo bringing his day to an early conclusion.

During the timed runs Graham Blackwell amply demonstrated what a steep learning pattern he is on, moving from the Fiesta he had before to a 2013 Mygale, of which this appears to be the third example I have seen in the last year. Mark Anson too was experiencing a change of car category, moving from a Westfield to an OMS 2000M. Unfortunately it managed to shed a rear wing endplate creating more work for John Hansell before his next outing.

On his first appearance of the season John Graham managed to start his year the right way with a win. He was pressed hard by Castle Combe victor Terry Holmes, both drivers really turning it on during their second Top 12 Runs, this was perhaps to be expected of the two prime championship candidates. These two were pursued by a phalanx of 2 litre cars with Steve Miles grabbing the final podium spot, with past champion Nick Algar in hot pursuit, mere hundredths dividing the pair. Behind them came the Steve Broughton/Matt Hillam pairing a little way back.

Then came a battling Sports Libre pair, with Simon Bainbridge just taking a single run, battling with an out of balance propshaft, in his quite unique SBR Crono to overcome Radical mounted Aussie Matt Carter.

Martin Webb, together with non qualifying partner Tony Jarvis, were battling with traction control issues but nonetheless managed to collect a few points. New to the Championship in his Imagination PH1 Mark Dempster was delighted to qualify and secure his first points.

Graham Porrett from the outside appeared to be on the pace, but the time clock seemed not to concur with that judgement. Jim Belt most unfortunately broke a driveshaft approaching the start line for his Top 12 opener, so didn’t get to run.



Croft March 28

Darlington & District Motor Club

SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship Round 2

  1. John Graham (2.8 Gould-NME GR55B) 70.07s
  2. Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola Tegra Judd) 70.65s
  3. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 72.24s
  4. Nick Algar (1.3s DJ Firehawk) 72.31s
  5. Steve Broughton (2.0 SBD Dallara F3) 73.39s
  6. Matt Hillam (2.0 SBD Dallara F3) 74.76s
  7. Simon Bainbridge (4.2 SBR Crono V8) 74.81s
  8. Matt Carter (1.3 Radical PR6) 75.93s
  9. Martin Webb (2.0 Dallara- Cougar Power F399/00) 78.61s
  10. Mark Dempster (2.0 Imagination PH1) 79.77s
  11. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola Tegra Judd) 81.41s

DNS Jim Belt (3.0 Juno TR400)

SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship Points after Round 2:

1. Terry Holmes 23pts
2= Steve Broughton 19pts
Steve Miles 19pts
4. Matt Hillam 17pts
5. Matt Carter 14pts
6. John Graham 12pts
7= Simon Bainbridge 10pts
Graham Porrett 10pts
9= Martin Webb 9pts
Nick Algar 9pts
11.Tony Jarvis 6pts
12.Mark Dempster 3pts

John Graham on his way to a win at Croft (Tony Todd photography)

Mark Dempster scored on his first appearance (Tony Todd photography)

A masterful drive from Holmes

Event 1 at Castle Combe on 19/03/2016

A dry but cold day greeted competitors for the 2016 SBD British Sprint Championship opener. With such an early start to the season, some competitors were unready. However those entered showed themselves to be held back in their times only by track temperature. Fastest in the timed runs was Steve Broughton in the SBD F3 Dallara, its chassis now showing the benefits of the work conducted on it over the last year, exemplified by co-driver, Matt Hillam, who was in 3rd spot. The other car filling out the top four was the Terry Holmes/Graham Porrett Lola Tegra. Just behind these was local man, Dave Cutcliffe, with his Van Diemen. However, when it came to the Top 12 Run Off he was unable to complete either run! Both Matt Carter and Steve Miles were both showing good speed, during their timed runs despite Carter experiencing a ‘fuelling problem’ during practice and Miles having to adjust to increased aero grip following work at Oxford Brookes University. They were mixing it with the Tony Jarvis/ Martin Webb Dallara and close by the Simon Bainbridge SBR Crono had one good run, having shed one of its doors on its first run. At the bottom of the qualifiers were a returning Grahame Harden, once again Jedi mounted, and Carole Torkington driving the SBD OMS alone for the early season events.

Bainbridge was troubled by the loss of a few gears, because of a problem in the gearchange mechanism on his opener in the Top 12 and and unfortunately had to return it to the trailer. Torkington showed good improvement on her opener, but the exhaust became detached during the 2nd run so brought that to a close. Harden, surprised even that he had qualified for the Top 12, showed a good advance on his final run to capture 9th spot. Having had their engine rebuilt over the winter both Tony Jarvis and Martin Webb were experiencing niggles with it. This was ultimately discovered to be a faulty throttle position sensor. So were both disappointed with their 7th & 8th placed finishes. An ultimate 1.1 second improvement on his 2nd Top 12 run was enough to secure Matt Carter 6th spot. But 5th place was taken by Graham Porrett, whose times unfortunately seemed to suffer after his 2nd timed run “off” earlier. Steve Miles, who captured 4th spot, was puzzled by the 2nd of his Run Off times, thinking it much better. 3rd place was taken by Matt Hillam, who showed time improvements during the day. His co-driver Steve Broughton concluded as runner-up, although a winning time was perhaps beyond him? The winner with a characteristic Top 12 performance was Terry Holmes, his times in both runs beyond anything the opposition could approach - a masterful drive.


Castle Combe March 19

Bristol Motor Club

SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship Round 1

  1. Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola Tegra Judd) 114.84s
  2. Steve Broughton (2.0 SBD Dallara F3) 117.63s
  3. Matt Hillam (2.0 SBD Dallara F3) 119.00s
  4. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 119.72s
  5. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola Tegra Judd) 122.08s
  6. Matt Carter (1.3 Radical PR6) 122.96s
  7. Tony Jarvis (2.0 Dallara- Cougar Power F399/00) 127.84s
  8. Martin Webb (2.0 Dallara- Cougar Power F399/00) 129.61s
  9. Simon Bainbridge (4.2 SBR Crono V8) 138.22s
  10. Grahame Harden (1.0 Jedi Mk 6) 138.74s
  11. Carole Torkington (1.6 SBD OMS CF08) 139.98s

DNF Dave Cutcliffe (1.3t Van Diemen DC93M)

Terry Holmes enjoys Combe's open spaces (Jack Flash Photography)

Simon Bainbridge made the Run Off in the Crono (Jack Flash Photography)

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